‘Musta perhesaaga kasvatti Mari Soppelalle punaisen ruusun’ – Markus [...]

We are very pleased to announce that Amstelfilm distributes It’s [...]

Behind the scenes of It's Raining Women with truck [...]

Arte airs Le plafond de verre (Lasikatto) in France: [...]

Arte airs Die Gläserne Decke (Lasikatto) in Germany:Tue 13 Jun [...]

In praise of Claudia Goldin 🙌, you can stream [...]

The Broadway Filmtheater screens Die Gläserne Decke in Trier, [...]

'Mari Soppela - Ex94_97' - René Pingen, Amsterdam: Bulletin, [...]

“Constructing Narrative in Interactive Documentaries” – Raivo Kelomees, Chris [...]

Behind the scenes of It's Raining Women with journalist [...]

On the International Women's Day in 2024, the Cinema [...]

It's Raining Women has a limited cinema release from 9th [...]

It's Raining Women celebrated her Dutch premiere with the [...]

“Enemies within: Reimagining the ‘Fallen Women’ of World War [...]

‘Tussen de rendieren’ – Ronald Ockhuysen, Amsterdam: De Volkskrant [...]

Heimola at the Dutch Electronic Art Festival – Machine [...]

We are happy to announce that the feature documentary [...]

Family Files was screened on Sunday 1 February 2015 [...]

The world premiere of Who the Devil Can See in [...]

Mother Land premiered at DocPoint Helsinki 2022, along with [...]

It's Raining Women was premiered at the Docpoint Helsinki [...]

Pitching Lasikatto at the Docpoint Impact in Helsinki in Finland. [...]

LPMA was part of the Nordic delegation to the [...]

TV show Docventures aired Lasikatto on 4 Feb 2022, [...]

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