LPMA Productions and Recordings

Founded in 2000, LPMA Recordings is a creative studio run by composer Leo Anemaet and filmmaker Mari Soppela. Based in Amsterdam, they produce music, sound composition and cross-media design. LPMA Productions is their Finnish film branch, founded in 2006 in Northern Finland, which develops and produces creative documentaries.

Currently LPMA is producing the feature documentary The Glass Ceiling (the working title) by Soppela with producer Julia Ton of Project 1961 in co-production with Alex TondowskiHlin Johannesdottir and Femke Wolting.  The creative documentary Sacred Mountain is in post-production, with creative producer Cornelis Kasander.

Our vision and mission

We have a longstanding experience in delivering works of art and design in various of forms and genres; in animation, film, television, new media, video art, installation, theatre and documentary. 

Our source of inspiration is as Keats coined it: “Beauty is truth, truth beauty, — that is all you need to know.” In other words, we enjoy investigating the relationship of art and life and believe that art can best depict human life and the human condition. Our mediums are music and documentary film. We are storytellers and have learnt that you never know what strikes a chord. 

Our vision is to keep transforming in the ever changing world. We enjoy creative collaboration and see ourselves producing and co-producing documentary films that create impact in our communities and societies far into the future, and living happily ever after.