LPMA interviews journalist and civil rights activist Charlayne Hunter-Gault. 2018, Martha’s Vineyard

LPMA Productions

LPMA Productions, an independent film company in northern Finland, came to life in 2006 through the creative synergy of Finnish filmmaker Mari Soppela and Dutch composer Leo Anemaet. LPMA Recordings is their Amsterdam-based music and sound studio.

Among LPMA’s accomplished works are feature-length documentaries like Home Recordings, Who the Devil Can See in the Dark, Mother Land and It’s Raining Women all under Soppela’s direction. Noteworthy achievements include the successful theatrical run of It’s Raining Women in The Netherlands and its airing on Arte Germany and Arte France (Die Gläserne Decke, Le plafond de verre).

Anemaet, a native of Rotterdam, stands as a prolific composer and sound designer, with an impressive repertoire of over 100 compositions across installations, animation, film, television, and theatre.

Soppela, an award-winning documentary filmmaker and cross-media designer, embodies versatility. She seamlessly transitioned from video artistry to becoming an internationally recognised new media designer before immersing herself in creative documentary storytelling.

LPMA enjoys investigating the relationship of art and life and believes that art can best depict human life and human condition. Our survival is to keep transforming in the ever changing world. We enjoy creative collaboration and hope to see ourselves producing works of art that create impact in our communities and societies far into the future, and living happily ever after.

LPMA likes: inspiration, freedom of speech, internet
LPMA dislikes: the rabbit hole of the computer