LPMA Productions

LPMA Productions is an independent film company developing and producing creative documentary. LPMA has produced Mari Soppela’s creative documentaries Home Recordings (2008) in co-production with Ruth Waldenburg and Bob Visser; Who the Devil Can See in the Dark (2015) in co-production with Kees Kasander, and Mother Land (2020) with creative producer Cornelis Kasander. It’s Raining Women is in post-production.

We enjoy investigating the relationship of art and life and believe that art can best depict human life and human condition. We are storytellers and have discovered that you never know what strikes a chord. Our survival is to keep transforming in the ever changing world. We enjoy creative collaboration and see ourselves producing and co-producing documentary films that create impact in our communities and societies far into the future, and living happily ever after.

Mari Soppela

Mari Soppela is an award-winning documentary film director and cross-media designer. After studying videography in Finland and computer graphics in the Netherlands, she gained an MA at Middlesex University in 1993 in London.

With a wide experience in various forms of audio-visual communication, her primary tools are the video camera and the computer. At one point a Finnish video artist, at another an internationally acclaimed new media designer, Mari now enjoys making creative documentaries.

Her film career has taken her on an odyssey from suicidal depression in her native Finland (Family Files) through challenging the fear of intimacy (Home Recordings) before returning north to trace the censored history of her German grandfather (Who the Devil Can See in the Dark) and returning to Amsterdam where she made a lockdown film (Mother Land). She is now working on It’s Raining Women.

Likes: snow, mystery, the internet
Dislikes: camping, the rabbit hole of her computer

Mari Soppela’s resume