Project Description

Creative Documentary

A Finnish filmmaker, on behalf of her unwilling father, searches for the German soldier who sired him, with surprising results.

Kari Soppela Mari Soppela Heidrun Demandt Jürgen Elter Stephanie Schaefer

Writer, director and editor Mari Soppela
Director of photography Leo Anemaet Mari Soppela
Creative producer Kees Kasander
Composer and sound designer Leo Anemaet
Executive producer Steven de Vries
Producers Julia Ton Mari Soppela
In co-production with Yle/Iikka Vehkalahti
With development support of The Netherlands Film Fund/Niek Koppen
With support of AVEK/Outi Rousu
Production companies Cinatura, LPMA Productions

Premiered at the Docpoint Documentary Film Festival 2015 in Helsinki in Finland

A calm, beautiful and gripping film
– Huvudstadsbladet, 2015

Tackles the taboo of Finnish women and German soldiers in WWII
– Ilta-Sanomat, 2015

The genetic legacy of the war
– Me Naiset, 2015

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