After finishing her Bachelor in Economics Julia Ton started working in the film industry in Rotterdam. She worked her way up from office manager to producer assistant through line producing to an-all-round producer. In 2016, she founded her own production label Project 1961 LTD in London.

Julia has worked as an assistant producer to Fish Tank by Andrea Arnold, following Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow by Sophie Fiennes and The One All Alone by Frank Scheffer. The first two films were premiered at Cannes respectively in 2009 and 2010, and the last one was screened at the Venice Film Festival in 2009. In 2018, she jointly produced the next Peter Greenaway film Walking to Paris, to be released in 2019. Currently she is producing Mari Soppela‘s new documentary Lasikatto, which is their second collaboration after Who The Devil Can See In The Dark. Julia also collaborates with English anthropologist Pinny Grylls, Dutch video artist Irma de Vries, Turkish activist Imre Azem and Irish visual artist Trish McAdam.

likes: green colour, triathlon, imperfection
dislikes: Egg cooker, flat tire, negativity